Why play 3×3?

Because it is easy for a player to get lost in a 5 on 5 game and rarely see the ball. That doesn’t happen in 3 on 3. All players stay involved and every player is central to the action. It’s a great way to develop 1 on 1, 2 on 2, and 3 on 3 skills in a controlled competitive environment.

  • Less players = more shots!
  • Shorter possession = more touches for everyone
  • More transitions from offence to defence = players react with split second decisions
  • Beginner or Elite – every player benefits

3×3 Basketball X Style

Teams are pooled into groups of 4-6, playing a series of 10min round-robin style games. Where multiple divisions exist on the same day, teams may be moved into higher or lower pools as the competition progresses.

There are four 8-week seasons played each year – Summer, Autumn, Winter & Spring. Each season runs within with the Victoria school term calendar.

Games are scheduled in 60-90min blocks. Times are dependent on the day, venue & competition type. For more information, refer to the current season Registration Page.

You can register as a team or individual. As a team, you select your players ensuring 3-4 people are available each round. Individual registrations are placed into teams with 3-5 players.

Competitions Offered

Basketball X offers a range of 3×3 competitions for junior and senior aged players:

  • Freshman Competition | 9-11yrs
  • Sophomore Competition | 11-13yrs
  • Junior Competition | 13-15yrs
  • Senior Competition | 15-17yrs
  • Open Competition | Adult (15yrs+)

Unlike traditional age group based competitions, our 3×3 competitions follow the Basketball X pathway guidelines, deliberately having overlapping age ranges so each individual can find the most suitable competition to suit their experience and competitive ability.

To see which competitions & days are currently available check out our Registration Page.

basketball x pathway


Competitions are scheduled at our Seaford facility, with expanding options now becoming available in the Richmond/Inner-East area.

Seaford Facility
41 Harnett Drive, Seaford 3198

Richmond Facility
55 Yarra Blvd, Richmond 3121

Registration Fees

Registration can be paid on a per team or per person basis:

  • Team Registration = $295 per season
  • Individual Registration = $99 per season

Fees are inclusive of season registration and all match fees.

Teams register with up to 4 nominated players. Where a fill in player is required, a weekly fee of $15 per fill in player is paid by the individual(s) before the matches commence.

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For further details contact
Email: admin@basketballx.com.au
Phone: 7017 5920