Anybody can learn to shoot, pass & dribble. At Basketball X our mission is to provide a holistic athlete development plan, offering a complete six-tier development system for children aged 6-19yrs. Each level has a specific age guide, however like any serious development program, athletes will progress at their own pace and our programs will work with your child to ensure they receive the optimal athlete training & basketball educational experience.


Senior X

The complete training, education and development program for athletes that demand nothing less than excellence from themselves and their athletic pursuits.

With athletes 15-17yrs in mind, Senior X provides each athlete at the final stages junior playing careers with a real opportunity to reach their potential.

Senior X focuses on continued refinement of all phases of athletic development including fundamental skills, individual & team concepts, high performance nutrition, athlete well-being and the US collegiate pathway.

Further developing Strength and Conditioning tailored to the specific athlete to ensure core strengthen and athletic longevity is marinated into adulthood is a key feature of the Senior X class.

Each athlete is provided with maximum individual tuition from coaches and support staff, with class sizes capped at 6 per session.

Not ready for Senior X? Check out our Junior X program.



LOCATION: 41 Harnett Drive, Seaford 3198

DAY/TIME: 5:00-6:00pm Monday

DATES: 7-Feb, 14-Feb, 28-Feb, 7-Mar, 21-Mar, 28 Mar 4-Apr

TUITION: $269 per athlete*
additional fees for optional course curriculum including strength & conditioning, nutrition, athlete wellbeing and US collegiate pathway

Will is self-centered and street-smart with a deep love of teasing his new family. He’s a smooth talker with a knack for concocting crazy schemes, but many times those schemes are to help his cousins out. Even though Will shows it mostly by making fun of them, he really cares about them. The personification of our X Seniors, on the basketball court, winning is everything to Will.